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  1. Koha/Gift/ ‘Ofa Session – this is an opportunity to experience healing and support affordably. Please pay what you can to support our ongoing work as any support is greatly appreciated to ensure the continuity of our services.

  2. Reiki (Usui method) $90 – Reiki is derived from the Japanese words REI (meaning universal) and KI/QI (which is the vital life force that flows through all living things.) Reiki is a Japanese energy healing method (founded by Mikao Usui) that focuses on improving the energy flow of the body through the chakras and removing any blockages to promote overall healing and wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit. This can also be done remotely also and does not need to be done in person. 

  3. Distant Reiki/Energy Healing $99 

  4. Fakalelei Milimili/Fotofota/Massage 2 hours $200 - a traditional massage to stimulate and restore energetic flow, balance, function and wellness thus assisting the body to heal and access its own healing systems. This session aims to treat the mind, body, and spirit - and bring to light any blockages or traumas that need to be released. 

  5. Animal Healing $99

  6. Chakra Balancing/Energy clearing 

  7. Mental Health Support $111 – Addressing mental health from a Pasifika lens and offering practical tools that you can use and incorporate into your daily practice for overall wellbeing and mental wellness. 

  8.  Holistic Counselling $99 

  9.  Soar Coaching $333 – Have you ever wondered what your soul purpose is? 

  10. Vaxx Support – (starting from $111) - this is an intuitively guided service using a variation of tools to support individuals that have received the Covid vaxx or are planning to; from energy healing, diet, steaming, mindfulness, meditation, to detoxing and more!

  11. Space Clearing $200 - blessing and clearing the energies of a house or land to make it more harmonious 

  12. Inner Child Healing $444 - Inside each of us is an inner child that was once wounded. These can be from things such as neglect, emotional or physical abuse, parents separating, unstable upbringing, being adopted and so forth to name a few.
    We all have fears, limiting beliefs and traumas that we have experienced as children despite the best of upbringings.
    If you often feel lost, lonely, small, and afraid of losing love and acceptance, you may also benefit from healing your inner.
    Healing our inner child will allow us to experience more fun, joy, love, freedom and abundance in our lives. This healing takes over 4 weeks and involves an hourly consultation and guidance  each week and but not limited to journaling, meditation, small lifestyle changes and a personalised treatment to suit.

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